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With High Positions Comes Great Responsibilities

You had been choose to join our team, we are happy but you should know your responsibilities before starting to manage page & groups

Moderator Responsibilities

Moderator is one who moderators tecridible blog & pages you will learn more about moderation continue below

Tecridible Team team runs group for both java and android platform. You are required to maintain group.
* Must keep an eye on groups to ensure that group is not taken over by spammers
* Regular Deletion of spam posts and must be done
* Unwanted comments on any post must be deleted
* Unwanted ads, links on group must be disapproved, because each member post must be approved by admins
* You're now acting role of admin on behalf of tecridible team, you must polite with members and if any user is found using bad languages and behavior seems bad give a warning if he continues to behave same delete and block
* Check links before approving links must not be harmful to device with any virus, more ads in any link, remove link,
* Harmful tutorials like hacking, breaking, looting must not be approved
* If any users complains on admin you are need to answer to super moderator on the complaint.
* Unwanted posts on page timeline must be deleted.
* Unwanted comments with links, using unwanted words on comments user must b blocked from page
* Users message must be replied quick to maintain tecridible responsive rate.

Content Publisher

This is next level of admin, content publishers next to the position of super moderators, content publisher with best activity and working skills will be made super moderator
* Content Moderator has to maintain contents (apps & tutorials) on tecridible sites.
* Content Moderator must provide regular updates
* To know more about content moderation you must reach super moderator

"working as Moderator on tecridible"

dont forget to add this in your facebook profile to prove your identity and be proud you'd joined tecridible