zed zooper widget apk

This is not stand-alone app, you need the app "Zooper Widget Pro" and "Nova Launcher" to use it. If you have any problems, please don't rate the app with 1 star but contact me on Hangouts or Email, I'll will be happy to help you!
- 72 amazing widgets (36 light & 36 dark and more widgets very soon)
- 60+ beautiful wallpapers in 2K and 4K (more walls soon) 
1) Download Zooper Widget Pro
2) Download Nova Launcher
3) Download Zed Zooper
4) Download Assets
5) Add a Zooper Widget on your homescreen
6) Click on and select Zed Zooper and choose your favorite widget
7) Select the right grid and adjust the widget you have chosen if you need it. Don't forget to set "Widget Scaling" to 100% and "Widget On Tap" to Disable (Locked).
Download Application
Version 2.0 (8.2MB) - Google Drive
Zed Zooper