screen video recorder

- You can use the application with shortcut keys very efficiently.
- Capture the picture or video of the phone screen
- There is support to save sound.
- Capture screen videos on Android 5 and above without ROOT, and save popular mobile game videos.
- Encler recorder, free and unlimited screen display, screen video recording application
- Works over routed phone and tablet.
- After you turn on the online screen recorder, you can make it look like a car on your screen, let it stay there for a quick use, or turn it off when recording is finished.

Video recorder
- To start the video screen, just press the camera button and it starts automatically
- Record your own reactions with Facecam feature together with the game!
- To stop capturing the video screen, first click on the red registration icon in the corner and shake your second phone to select the great options and stop automatically
- Unlimited recording time
- External audio recording
- Shaking and stopping feature
- With the screen recorder application, you can record HD and FullHD screen videos, stop the video and continue.
- You can set a countdown before recording!
- Low-size screen recording application: takes up less than 2 MB.
- share the videos you have saved through social media applications with your friends.
- Shake your device to take a screenshot at any time
- Different video quality settings are available.
- HIGH QUALITY Video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60fps
- Support almost all phone models. Get instant screen display while watching movies while you play
- You only need to press the gallery button to find your screen tiling videos
- Cut or edit : Screencast
- Easily add a lot of great video effects
- Enhance video quality with various video editing features. (Correct, cut, pictures, etc.)
- edit your videos as you like
- Apply time scaling to the recorded video
- You only need to press the share icon to share the recorded video or save it to cloud storage
- Resolution: Choose from 9 different qualities from low-quality 320x240 to high-resolution 1920x1080
-You can record long videos without worrying about the memory card!
- Frame rate
- Bit rate
- Routing portrait, landscape or automatic video recording option
Download Application
Version 1.0.1 - Google Drive
Screen Video Recorder Pro (2.4MB)