Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G

Databack saves your 2G, 3G and 4G mobile data that you spend when using apps.
Save upto 1 GB mobile data every month !
Saved data can be used to recharge your phone for free or Paytm cash every week :)
Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G
1. Data Saver
Databack saves upto 25% of your mobile data every day! Install Databack > use your favourite apps > save data
2. Spin & Win 3G/4G
Win upto 50MB daily bonus from Spin the wheel
3. Data Monitor
i) See which app uses maximum mobile data ii) Live data tracker shows you data consumed by each app in real-time
4. Offline mode
Databack works without internet also Monitor your internet usage in offline mode also (no internet required)
5. Free Data Recharge & Weekly rewards
Take free data recharge packs from the data you save!
New Features
App Cards: You can open an App card by long pressing on any app, and you will be able to see the shortcuts available for that app like helpline number, careers etc.
2. Notification badges: You can also manage your notifications by using Databack now, activate it from the top right menu
3. Batch uninstall: With Databack you can uninstall multiple apps at once.
Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G
Installing From Tecridible gives you bonus of 50MB! Enjoy
Download Application
Version - Google Drive
Data Saver 2G,3G&4G (8.6MB)