silent mode camera sound

You can block the entire sound from your device with a click of button
SilentMode can be useful in many other situations. You do not have to look for a silent camera anymore. Use the highest quality genuine camera silently. SilentMode directly controls the sound coming from the device itself.
- Quickly access the switch via App widgets or Notification area.
- If you activate an auto run list, you can use silent mode only in certain applications. (Accessibility service activation required)
- In the case of a camera, all the sound, such as photo shutter sound and video recording notification, is not produced.
- It does not require other permissions! There is no need to worry about private information leakage.
- When an alarm or phone rings, it automatically disables silent mode to prevent problems.
Note : This application is useful for those who can't configure the camera's shutter sound. (e.g. in Korea or Japan, etc).This is only applicable for those don't have permission to turn the camera shutter sound off

Download Application
Version 3.2.2 - Google Drive
Silent Mode - Silent Camera (2.6MB)