asus software latest 7/3/2018

Zenfone 3 Series got a new system update after a very long time. Its been a very long since zenfone old series users didn't receive any update. After a long time this update received. Update had never brought any new features. Size of the update is 500+MB & it can updater over Air.This had fixed the major issue brought by nougat 7.0 update.

1. Mobile Freezing - Fixed

Asus zenfone runs on Nougat faced a serious problem of screen freezing many times due to opening of more than 10 applications had been fixed now you can use number of application and fixed multi window bugs also.
2. Fast Charging Improvements
Nougat reduced the fast charging time but latest update fixed those bugs and zenfone charges faster than before.
3. Heating Problem Reduced
This is best and this had been fixed by latest update phone heats up due to over usage of mobile.