mi call video

Beautify: Look better when you chat. Just a tiny touch makes all the difference.
Remote assistant: View and control the screen of the person you’re talking to.
Share photos: Recall the precious moments while you’re chatting.
Special effects: Blow a kiss or throw a grenade. Let your mood decide!
Save mobile data: Mi Video Call consumes 40% less data compared to other video chats.

- On-screen comments : Can’t say it out loud? Write it.
- Group chats : Upto 4 people can chat at the same time.
- Good connection : 99% of calls between Mi Phones connect successfully.
- Audio calls : Free on Wi-Fi. Cheaper than your plan on mobile data.
- No passwords : Just install and start talking.
- Remote assistant: Help the people you’re talking to directly.
- Special effects: For all the emotions which can’t be expressed in words.
- Video messages: All the joy you can fit in a few seconds.
- View photos together. Sometimes they can be the best topic for a heated discussion!

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Version 1.4.83 - Google Drive
Mi Video Call