three towers premium paid

We are bringing you the best casual puzzle game of 2017– "Three towers". An intriguing puzzle game with increasing complexity and growing thrill as you move up the levels. Play Three Towers with your Facebook friends and show you got better puzzle solving skills ;)
The game contains three towers made from coloured blocks (white, yellow, blue, green and red). You can move the blocks by simply clicking on each tower. All you need to do is arrange the colored blocks in color brackets given in game.
We have made the game play requirements so simple that you can play even with single hand. The elegant design and smooth interface will give you a flaw less game play experience.
Internet connection is not required for the game play. Once you download the game all 1000+ levels of fun are yours for lifetime.
Premium version have full access to game with infinite life. Won't have full screen interstitial Ads and Banner Ads.
Download Application
Version 1.1.2 - Google Drive
Three Towers - Puzzle Game (15.7MB)