idare to

You are not alone. Many people let social fears stop them from reaching their full potential.
If you want more mediocre results. Stop reading and continue with your life.
If you want new results you need to change the way you do things.
By strategically exposing yourself to new social situations, you build courage. Like going to the gym for your brain.
It’s called a comfort zone challenge.
Like trying to get a 10% discount on your coffee…
Or trying to get the bartender to name a drink after you...
Or starting a conversation with the girl next to you on the bus…
The IDareTo app is the personal trainer of your social life.
• Hundreds of challenges.
• Designed to fit your everyday life.
• Tailored to your skill level.
• Track your development.

Growth can only exist at the boundary of your comfort zone. Make a change today. It's your life.
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Version 1.0.1 - Google Drive
IDareTo - Comfort Zone Crusher (14.1MB)