We will today see why not to buy asus mobiles and how come the asus users affected by buying Asus Mobiles. Lets see in detail what are the issues of Asus Mobile

1. Asus Heating Problems
asus mobile heating up problem

Asus Mobiles all Devices released by Asus will face this problem. Asus is trying to provide high battery capacity but its not efficient enough for asus mostly asus mobile faces heating up problem.
2. Asus Mobile Discharges Quickly

Asus Mobile Even though of having huge battery backup due to inefficient software update provider its unable keep up in backup of charge capacity. By watching videos and using applications discharges battery quickly
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3. Asus Touch Recognizing Problem

Latest Update At First gave fixes but later it brought out many problems one among them was asus touch responsive is poor. latest update update rolled rolled out recently and gave touch problems in many problems
4. Asus Camera Focus And OutPut Problem
asus camera focus output problem

Latest Software update and previous update proved inefficiency of asus by providing asus with bugs by providing software update with camera issues. Even latest released mobiles face the problem of camera fails to focus auto and manual also fails and some old devices are facing the problems of very low photo taken captured in asus mobile.
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5. Software Issues On Asus
asus mobile software problems

Software is worst in asus mobiles compared to any other mobiles, asus team are not expert enough to build a bugs free update and every update provided by asus gives a new problems