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You were too boring with the phone default music player and you’re looking for a Music Player app. Music Player Style iphone X musical style will be the perfect choice for those who love and want iphone X favorite phone and music. The iphone X musical style is not only based on artists or albums, but also on the structure of the folder. iphone X Player will guide you to find all music files in seconds. Skin background make the Music Player Style iphone X musical style replaceable extraordinarily brilliant. iphone X Music Style Player the best music player and music player iphone X style music iphone X style music player with powerful equalizer, quick search of all music files, custom background wrapping, free to get this perfect audio player and media player. The unique equalizer to make your music more professional. You are free to control the style of the music now.


♫ Search and listen to your music through albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders with the iphone X musical style
♫ iphone X Style Music Support Player The lyrics files. Automatic analysis of all lyrics and correspondence files.
♫ iphone X Music Player Supports all popular music file formats.
♫ iphone X Support notification player status: Displays album cover, play / pause, advance in notification status.
♫ iphone X list player media type.
Support Phone support iphone X Music Player Shake to change the music: give your phone a shake to play the next / previous song
♫ iphone X music player style with powerful equalizer. More than 20 styles of preset musical sounds for your choice (Normal, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Pop, Rock …)
♫ style custom tone music and manually adjust the equalizer.
♫ helmet support.
♫ EASY SEARCH Find all your local music files ever been so simple.
♫ iphone X Music App 3 GADGETS home screen (4×1,2×2,4×1).
♫ free album to reissue and name of the artist.
♫ support the operation of multi-selection of music file.
♫ Personalize your playlist Head Bluetooth Headset / Controls
Name XMusic Player
Size 11.7MB
Version 2.2
Price FREE
Drive Download